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Job 1

Teach from home! If you are interested in teaching online to students from China, this is the

job for you. Peak times are from 5pm-9pm China time. Students and teachers are welcome

to send their CV's. It pays to be upbeat and friendly.

Salary about 17$ per hour with bonus

Must be a Native Speaker or have no accent if non native

Must have at least 5 mbps upload and 2 download

Should be able to commit to the hours agreed to

Job 2

Job Description:

1. Job title: Online English teacher.

2. Provide online classes for Chinese elementary school students.

3. Able to cover 7pm-9pm from January 22nd to February 25th and 6pm-10pm from March 9th to April 26th.


1. Currently working or used to work in primary school in North America .

2. TEFL/TESOL /CELTA or any teaching related certifications preferred.

3. More than two years of t...See More

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