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I saw an ad on C...list from a parent in France looking for a tutor for his French daughter coming to the US for 3 weeks. He wanted a tutor for 2 hours, 2 times a week for 3 weeks for English.

So I emailed him asking what times and days she wanted tutoring. Something was a little off but I didn't really get it that it was a scam until I got this last email from him. I googled tutor scams and found out there is a whole scam that involves a foreigner sending you too much money to tutor their child and then wanting you to wire the difference to them. Of course, their check is fake and you lose thousands of dollars.

Here is "Joel Fink's" email. He is a fink,huh?! I thought that was a strange name for a French person.

hello, How are you doing?I am so sorry for the late in response to my email.I will like you to know that i am so much very interested since she will be arriving anytime this week but i will like you to know soemthings before i accept it that you are ...See More
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Tanya On 7/02/10, jvf wrote: > I recieved a similar email from a persona named Chinche Lawrence > . They said that they were from Canada and had > grown up in the US. As others had said, it seemed a little weird at first, > but lets face it we're all on there for the money, we take what we can > get! Anyways, when I got an email asking abo...See More
Jul 23, 2010
Amanda K. Scoggins So glad people are talking about this, I am just trying to get into tutoring after teaching in the classroom for a long time, and had no thoughts there would be any scams directed at me, but I am pretty sure this one is after reading things like this online, so glad I caught myself before I did something silly!!

Here is the email I got in...See More
Aug 16, 2010
Addington I would refuse to respond to an e-mail that contained so many glaring spelling and grammar errors. A foreigner that had the funds to send their child to the States for tutoring and the desire for their child to be successful in their education would not have been so unprofessional in their communications.
Jun 19, 2011
anonymous On 4/09/09, anonymous wrote:
> I just want everyone to be made aware of this -
> apparently widespread - tutor scam that is going on
> through craigslist (for more info on how the scam works
> go to
> [link removed]
Jun 30, 2016
MaryFarquar I received one recently. The child was to visit from Canada. The latest email stated the mother was in Malta and would mail me a check. I was to deduct my salary after depositing the check. Red flag number one. Red flag number two was the poor grammar. He don't know English. Very poor grammar. Funny, the child would be visiting the exact city I liv...See More
Jun 10, 2017

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