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My school district keeps going back and forth on the whole YouTube issue. For years, we were blocked. Then, they opened it up. Then they tried to block it again saying the streaming interrupted the server and/or that we could find videos elsewhere (so many teachers complained that they decided not to block it, but will tell us not to use it at certain times.) I was just wondering what policies other schools/districts have regarding YouTube.
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Kathleen Morlan Allowed on Teacher computers, but blocked on student computers.
Jun 20, 2011
Too uptight We have a new prince. He wants the "kids" to like him. He doesn't see "any harm in these things", so, ipods and cell phones are now allowed in class, You Tube, Facebook and My Space (does anyone use that anymore?) are open for everyone to use at any time. The rules about cell phones & ipods in our student handbook are still there, but not enfor...See More
Jun 21, 2011
Kathy I know students are using their phones to go online during school hours, but an open invitation to use fb & ms just sounds dumb. Cyber-bullying can be a huge problem.

On 6/21/11, Too uptight wrote: > ipods and cell phones are now > allowed in class, You Tube, Facebook and My Space Whenever another teacher tries to discuss > ...See More
Jun 22, 2011
Too uptight- misuse of technology I know, but there is nothing I, or the other teachers who think this is a bad idea, can do about it. We are considered "uptight", not "with it", "alarmists", "not trusting enought of the students," etc.

This prince spent all but 5 min. of my one hour observation time on his blackberry/iphone? exchanging jokes, quips,and email, with "his pe...See More
Jun 22, 2011
Kathy M I would have to share with this person articles about kids who have committed suicide because of online bullying.

I would also have to enforce my own rules about the use of phones and iPods during class.

I would then have to ask myself how I can use this technology to my advantage. Do all students in my class have the ability to...See More
Jun 23, 2011

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