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Vocabulary worksheets includes questions that will help the students to practice and learn most useful vocabulary words at their respective grade level.

Vocabulary worksheets will also help students for the Common Core standardized tests along with making them better readers and writers.
Sharun Latif As part of my Spelling and Phonics lesson, every week my class learns a list of spelling words with the target phonemes. To help create a better understanding of these targeted phonemes and develop vocabulary, I always use relevant vocabulary worksheets. I feel the vocabulary worksheets creates a better understanding of the phonemes.
Aug 29, 2016
Pritika Prasad Hi Sharun,

I totally agree with you. I also use related vocabulary worksheets when using phonemes in my class. I am using the Get Reading Write program for my lessons and it relevant vocabulary worksheet.
Oct 10, 2016
Firoza Ahmed Hi Sharun, I do agree with you that relevant vocabulary worksheets create a better understanding of phonemes I also have two sessions of Spelling and Phonics per week with a list of words in reference to the Get Reading Right program. When students have a better understanding of the vocabulary it will help them to write creative sentences.This in t...See More
Oct 11, 2016

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