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Hello, I am a seventh grade English teacher, and I think it would be really engaging to create a welcome video for my students at the start of this upcoming school year. I already have the idea worked out, and I have my own camera/microphone to film it with. However, I am a total beginner in video editing. I know there are free, simple video editing services like iMovie that I could learn how to use, but I simply don’t have the time (or desire, really) to do that right now. Is there any way I could hire a video editor online for a one-time job to edit my footage and follow my specifications for the video?
Joseph Ray I think Valoso is what you are looking for: https://valoso.com

You can create a project for an educational video and skilled freelance editors will bid to edit your footage. You can give them all the specifications you would like, and you even get to set your own budget and deadline. Plus, hiring freelance editors is certainly cheaper than...See More
Aug 2, 2016

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