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Thanks for everyone's help! Take a look around - i'm not
finished yet. Mae
Susan /blockquote>

On 6/26/05, Mae in Texas wrote:
> Thanks for everyone's help! Take a look around - i'm not
> finished yet. Mae

I like it. I'm going to go back when you get your reading
connections posted. I'm always curious to learn more about
how other teachers implement connections in their classrooms.
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Jun 26, 2005
Jean Bullock /blockquote>

Looking good. I would put a note indicating which links are not active. I hate
clicking on under construction pages. Wastes my time.
Don't forget to attach a link to the graphic credits at the bottom of the page. If
it's link ware, you have to actually put a link to them.

Also, I know you are not finish...See More
Jun 28, 2005
Ron/DE /blockquote>

You have made a good start. Don't leave the non-working links
there too long.It might be better to remove those links until
you something there to actually link to. Also, many people
don't care for the Under Construction signs.
I need to work on my class and building sites this summer, and
it is always good t...See More
Jul 1, 2005
Raven /blockquote>

Good job! I agree with the links thing.

While my classroom webpage has been online for a while, I
finally got my teaching portfolio (4 years old and outdated)
updated. It has a similar color scheme and set up to the class
page (it's supposed to). Drop by if you like and tell me what
you think.

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Jul 2, 2005

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