Re: Just starting a website--need advise

    For learning, FrontPage is fine. Most people recommend
    Dreamweaver to create webpages, but since you already have
    FrontPage, I wouldn't buy another program.Just plug away at it while learning from the books and

    You'll need to find a webhost to post your site. Anything
    that's free has banner ads on them (or pop up ads) ... so, if
    you want a site that has no ads and also has your own domain
    name, they cost about $100 per year.

    Your webhost will also need to support FrontPage
    Extensions ... that's the special code that Microsoft
    requires with FrontPage generated sites. That's another
    reason most people use Dreamweaver over FrontPage.

    But, learn it, and also learn basic HTML commands. It's
    important to know how to tweak the web pages if you need to.