Re: Blogging in science class

    I answered this in the other forum as well:I don't use a blog, but a discussion board. Since they are
    similar, I'll go ahead and answer the questions anyway.

    During the first two weeks of school, I take my students into
    the computer lab where we explore, as a class, the classroom
    webpage. I then give them some time to explore it on their
    own. For the discussion board, we talk about what is
    acceptable and what is not before hand, the difference between
    a new post and a reply, etc. We also create questions about a
    short story we've just read. Once we've done that (and I've
    gotten all permission forms back for COPPA compliance), I have
    them log in to the discussion board. Then once logged in, we
    walk through making posts, replying, editing, etc. Then I have
    them post their questions about the short story and reply to a
    certain number to practice.

    Posting for my students is mandatory--even for kids without a
    computer at home because we have 1 computer lab, open before
    and after school, and a library with 12 computers. There is
    not a single student who doesn't have access to a computer
    this way.

    There is a set of rules on my classroom webpage and I don't
    let them use all slang. I don't mind lol and some things but
    their posts need to be typed with the best grammar and
    spelling possible for clarity and practice.

    (My forum for my class is at: You
    won't see much without a login (COPPA) but you'll see some.)