Re: CSS Experts--help needed with IE bug

    Raven:Here is a link to a web based CSS & HTML validation service
    where you can just paste in your URL and have it analyze what
    you are doing. When I did that, it says your page has both
    HTML and CSS errors in it, but I haven't examined to see what
    the significance of these are, or if they are even genuine. A
    lot of times these wizard things report 'errors' that are not
    genuine or are not related to what is going on. But, being a
    novice, this is where I would start looking for clues. IMHO,
    and from my experience reading this board, you ain't going to
    find very many programming experts on TNET!


    PS: I found this site by doing a Yahoo search on the phrase
    'IE Netscape CSS differences'. I ran across several blog
    discussion boards which address the very issues you are
    talking about. See link below

    On 7/30/05, Raven wrote:
    > I've been using CSS forever but still run into IE bugs.
    > I've got the basic structure of this subdomain set up for my
    > calendar program, and it looks great in Mozilla.
    > But as usual, the IE bug has popped up. IE is putting that
    > annoying 3-5px space in between the image and the bottom
    > borders.
    > Normally, in a vertical links list, I'd make them display:
    > block and then set the vertical-align: baseline to get
    > around the IE bug. I could also make their margins -3 or so,
    > but then that messes up Mozilla.
    > Since these links are horizontal though, that work-around
    > won't work. Any body know of another work around?
    > Raven

    CSS errors and all that