Re: Building a Chatroom

    Take a look at my Sumac Elementary School site. It not only
    has a chat room it has all the things you're interested in and
    probably some more that you never even thought about. e-mail
    me from the site if you have any questions about the design,
    usage, security, and applicability of this kind of technology
    to a public elementary school. Moodle is an 'open source' PhP MySQL based course management
    system, which has both Windows and Linux versions and which
    may be freely downloaded from the Internet. Most WEB hosting
    services are already set up to support PhP and MySQL, so
    incorporating Moodle should present no problems. In my case,
    I'm hosting the domain myself, on a rsidential DSL line and
    using an inexpensive Windows PC server, which uses 'Easy PHP',
    another open source program which may be freely downloaded
    and which includes PhP, MySQL and Apache server, all rolled
    into one.



    PS: To get in the chat room or visit most classrooms, you'll
    need to register with the site. I promise not to SPAM you!

    On 7/31/05, So... wrote:
    > I would like to create a chatroom for my students or a
    > message board, or even a listserv/mailring.
    > How do I go about doing this? And how do I keep in all-
    > inclusive so nobody but my students is part of it?
    > Thanks...

    Sumac site