Re: New to Web Authoring

    Laurence,The first place to start is knowing how files are stored
    on your PC.

    You have your C: harddrive and it's filled with folders.
    Within the folders are files. These files have extensions
    that are attached to the filenames, like .jpg .exe .doc
    You access the files (open them or save-as) by referencing
    the path using folders.

    Example: c:\My Documents\My Pictures\myhouse.jpg

    This is called a path. Notice how the folders are separated
    by a backwards slash.


    When you deal with the internet, it's all UNIX, so things
    change a little bit ... mostly in terminology.

    "folders" (as on a PC), now become called "directories".

    Directories "pathnames" are separated by forward slashes "/"
    instead of backwards slashes "\".

    This becomes important when you start making webpages because
    you can create webpages on your PC without being on the
    internet. The file extension ".html" opens the file using
    your browser (Internet Explorer). If you create a webpage
    on your PC and reference other folders, you will be using
    a backwards slash "\". When you upload the files to the
    internet, those slashes need to be changed to forward slashes.


    You are using CuteFTP for uploading your files.

    You will be selecting files from your PC Harddrive and
    sending them to the disk where your webpages are stored.
    This is a disk just like your harddrive, except paths are
    separated by forward slashes "/".

    If you look at the address of this website at the top of
    your browser, you will see the domain name and various things
    separated by forward slashes "/" ... these are directories.


    Now after all of that ... here's the answer to your question:

    You can search Google for:

    HTML tutorial
    Beginning HTML
    FTP tutorial
    Making a web page


    On 8/03/05, Laurenceuk wrote:
    > Hi, I don`t know whether this is the correct place to post
    > this request but I am new to web authoring and would
    > appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right
    > direction for tutoring on FTP, directoties, root
    > directories, folders etc. These inrelation to uploading. I
    > am trying to use cutFTP. Thanks, Laurence