I apologize, my other rude post was aimed at the other response,
    the one that said flash sites are not detected by spiders, thats
    wrong. an html lead in page or splash can be created that may
    contain all meta data and keywords. besides google ranks sites
    acording to who your linked to and how established you site for your site? using dreamweaver is good. i looked at the
    site and did not see any flash, PHP is a great language to know
    as it will allow you to create forms and such.

    sorry if I came across as rude.

    if you want to see some really good flash websites i would
    google best flash sites.

    On 11/11/05, Pogo wrote:
    > I guess if you had looked at my site you would have seen it
    > has Flash, Dreamweaver and I use PSP & Photoshop Elements for
    > the pix.