hi digifirst of all, Yes, your demeanor was rude, but I ignored it
    because I guessed you are probably young and a bit impetuous.

    In reply to what you posted, I said that flash site content cannot
    be indexed by search engines, I did not say the sites cannot be
    detected. It is the indexing of your content that helps with
    ranking. As far as flash in concerned only flash 8 has the new
    metadata property for the SWF file format that improves
    searchability of SWF files by Internet search engines. You can use
    accessibility features of flash mx to help enhance the flash
    content also, but other versions of flash do not have these
    options and the site creator has to be aware of all kinds of hoops
    that need to be jumped through to help with the search engine
    optimisation situation. things like making sure that flash links
    point to html pages that contain html content and not just other
    flash files etc. Your answer gives the impression that there is no
    problem at all with search engine indexing of flash sites and this
    is not true. Yes you can use a lead-in or splash page to set
    metadata, but none of the flash content on the other pages will be
    indexed and like I said it is the indexing of content that
    influences your page-rank.

    On the site you mention, the one that got indexed, it is the
    regular content that was indexed not the flash content.

    as for getting with the times, your site
    fails to keep the user in control by not allowing them to skip the
    time-wasting flash intro, it then transfers you to a page where
    you have to again click to enter the site (another time waster)
    when the user can finally get to the site content itself, it's in
    frames (talk about time-warp), the page title shows "untitled
    document) and the user has to put up with a sound file of some
    sort that they cannot turn off. I would say you still have some
    things to learn about best practices in web development.

    my 2 cents, megan

    On 12/01/05, digi-lutions wrote:
    > I apologize, my other rude post was aimed at the other response,
    > the one that said flash sites are not detected by spiders, thats
    > wrong. an html lead in page or splash can be created that may
    > contain all meta data and keywords. besides google ranks sites
    > acording to who your linked to and how established you site is.
    > as for your site? using dreamweaver is good. i looked at the
    > site and did not see any flash, PHP is a great language to know
    > as it will allow you to create forms and such.
    > sorry if I came across as rude.
    > if you want to see some really good flash websites i would
    > google best flash sites.
    > On 11/11/05, Pogo wrote:
    >> I guess if you had looked at my site you would have seen it
    >> has Flash, Dreamweaver and I use PSP & Photoshop Elements for
    >> the pix.