Re: Steve

    Yes, actually that post was in response to "Pogo," who evidently resides
    and teaches in the State of Mississippi. "Pogo" said I wouldn't 'fit in'
    to the culture there in ole Miss, because I objected to the idea that a
    teacher would steal and misuse their school's private database of
    teachers, staff and students for their own personal economic gain. It
    occurred to me to respond with some catty remark like, "Good God, woman,
    you mean I came that close to actually fitting in to the culture in
    Mississippi? Talk about dodging a bullet.." But then good judgement got
    the better of me, and I simply enclosed a link to the "New" state motto
    for Mississippi (along with those for the other 49 states) which reads
    (if I recall correctly) "Come to Mississippi and feel better about your
    own state."The fact that you are responding to the thread almost a month after it
    died and still not getting the joke leads me to believe you (I mean,
    y'all) must be from Mississippi.


    On 9/11/05, Max wrote:
    > Vic ...
    > Like you, I couldn't figure out what the State Motto thing
    > had to do with the thread's topic ...
    > I'm wondering if he accidently posted in the wrong thread.
    > ... not defending him, but it did seem out of place.
    > --max--
    > On 9/11/05, Vic wrote:
    >> It continues to amaze me in the few months I have been reading ts
    >> site how many imature, ignorant, and unecesary comments are made on
    >> here.
    >> On 8/18/05, Steve wrote:
    >>> Check out your state's new motto. (see link below)