Re: web site design jobs

    Raven,Thanks for the reply... I didn't think it would be an easy job
    but something that there is a need for. Every teacher in this
    area needs to have a web site.. but most can't be bothered..
    granted I don't know everything about coding but I do know
    HTML.. and that is what I use on my site. I have never used a
    program to code.. I just learned it... The school I teach at is
    consolidating with 3 jobs will be limited. It doesn't
    matter that I have been teaching there for 30 years.. everyone
    will be let go and then rehired as needed. I hate the thought of
    waiting around for them to decide what I will do next year.. You
    and Max put this idea in perspective for me.. Thanks,

    Mrs. Schmidt and her 4th Grade Stars