Re: web site design jobs

    Pat,Sorry to hear about the possible loss of job. Teach yourself some
    more about web design, especially css, php, and mysql. Then maybe if
    you can't do the job for teachers (unrealistic), maybe you can get
    hired part time somewhere doing web design jobs. It's a back up plan
    of sorts.

    Good luck!

    On 2/06/06, Pat wrote:
    > Raven,
    > Thanks for the reply... I didn't think it would be an easy job
    > but something that there is a need for. Every teacher in this
    > area needs to have a web site.. but most can't be bothered..
    > granted I don't know everything about coding but I do know
    > HTML.. and that is what I use on my site. I have never used a
    > program to code.. I just learned it... The school I teach at is
    > consolidating with 3 jobs will be limited. It doesn't
    > matter that I have been teaching there for 30 years.. everyone
    > will be let go and then rehired as needed. I hate the thought of
    > waiting around for them to decide what I will do next year.. You
    > and Max put this idea in perspective for me.. Thanks,