Re: web site design jobs

    That's really odd ... my last post had Pat's name on it,
    but I entered my name ...This one is a test to see if something went wrong.


    On 2/06/06, Pat wrote:
    > Pat ...
    > Retired Teacher does have a good idea.
    > I'm not a teacher myself, but I was asked to create a
    > bubbletest sheet for a teacher and it evolved into a rather
    > big project:
    > I now am making money from the Google-Ads and wonderful
    > donations from teachers. I don't make a living at it, but
    > it helps pay for my webhosting each year.
    > As a teacher, you might have a good idea, or something that
    > teachers really need that isn't already offered. I was
    > amazed that nobody had a bubbletest generator yet ... it was
    > a surprise to me. The site now gets over 250 visitors each
    > day (during the school year).
    > If you have a great idea and want to know how feasible it
    > is to develop online, contact me using my website ...
    > see link below.
    > I certainly think you should learn HTML and CSS, but teachers
    > have good insights into what other teachers need.
    > --max--