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I have a webpage that I'm changing and I want to know if
it's possible to create menus with CSS so I don't have to
code in the menu on each page. Basically, if I have a menu
on the left-hand side, I want to use CSS so I can just put
the menu there each time without having to re-code the
current page? I already copy/paste, but I was looking for a
better option.
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megan /blockquote>

Ps - I meant to mention that I know from personal experience that
particular css expanding menu I gave a link to works in IE, Netscape,
and Firefox which comes out to about 95% of the browser share

hth ~megan
Feb 12, 2006
KarenVA /blockquote>

What is a php include? I know the overall basics of php, but I
don't know what an include is and why I'd need one for menus? Like
I said, I only know the basics.

I'm going to go for CSS. I used it last time and I didnt' think my
workaround was possible, but I figured I'd ask anyway. And I'm
going t...See More
Feb 12, 2006
megan /blockquote>

On 2/12/06, KarenVA wrote:
> What is a php include?

Hi Karen

"include" is just a shorthand nickname for a file you want to bring
in and "include" in another file. In your case you want to only
have to update your menu one time and have the updated version
display on all pages in your we...See More
Feb 13, 2006
megan /blockquote>

Oh Karen I forgot to mention on the compatibility thing. If you
have access to the stats for the people visiting your site, they
will show what browsers and operating systems those people use thus
giving you a good idea what browsers your code needs to work on.
The other thing to keep in mind is a fair numbe...See More
Feb 13, 2006
test /blockquote>

On 2/12/06, Raven wrote:
> Most code that is CSS for multilevel only works in IE, alienating
> anyone using Opera, Mozilla Firefox, or Netscape.
> That's not a great option.
> Ravensdfsdfsdfsdfs
> On 2/12/06, megan wrote:
>> To take a look at what is possible for menus using...See More
Feb 15, 2006

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