Re: Software to make class webpage
Jean Bullock

    It helps to keep your images in the same folder as your web page when you
    upload it. However, I think front page and composer should do that for you. On
    the other hand, when I used Front Page before, I remember having to upload
    the images separately for some reason. Also make sure that you are using the
    right file name for the image when you make the link to it. In this forum, I found out about NVU, which is a free open source web page
    builder. I used it to build my school website. (See the link to my school) The
    pictures were uploaded along with the page. It works really well, although it has
    a few limitations. It doesn't create frames, which is OK by me because I don't
    like to use them.

    On 4/09/06, BP wrote:
    > I have dabbled in this but my images don't show and I get
    > frustrated with the process. What software makes it easy
    > for everything to stay together when I upload to my server?
    > I have composer, front Page and I see I can make a page
    > using MS Word.
    > Thanks.

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