Re: for Mrs. Oak

    Mrs. Oak,You can have alternate .css style sheet files that you can switch
    between. Making one .css file the main one, and another for printer
    friendly, or vision impared friendly.

    See this site:

    There is a link that activates a Javascript. That Javascript not only
    switches the .css style sheet that gets loaded, but retains that setting
    by using cookies. The link called "Browser View".
    The javascript "css/styleswitch.js" is loaded at the top of the page
    and called whenever the visitor wants to change the style sheet.

    You can view the HTML source, and see in the it loads in three .css pages (3 style sheets).

    Search on Google for "alternate style sheets" and you'll see a lot of
    information on using them ... primarily for printer-friendly sheets.

    Style Sheet switching example.