Re: Max
Mae in Texas

    You did that in FP? I don't think I understand CSS. Do I have to know a
    bunch of code? (I'm code illiterate). Where do you learn about it? Is
    there a "book for dummies"? Mae who is interested...

    On 4/24/06, Max wrote:
    > Mrs. Oak,
    > You can have alternate .css style sheet files that you can switch
    > between. Making one .css file the main one, and another for printer
    > friendly, or vision impared friendly.
    > See this site:
    > There is a link that activates a Javascript. That Javascript not only
    > switches the .css style sheet that gets loaded, but retains that setting
    > by using cookies. The link called "Browser View".
    > The javascript "css/styleswitch.js" is loaded at the top of the page
    > and called whenever the visitor wants to change the style sheet.
    > You can view the HTML source, and see in the section how
    > it loads in three .css pages (3 style sheets).
    > Search on Google for "alternate style sheets" and you'll see a lot of
    > information on using them ... primarily for printer-friendly sheets.