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I am a second year teacher that started to get the teacherweb subscription last year, but thought better of myself (my lack of time). I am ready to get a website up and running, and I asked the tech coordinator if I could have some space on my schools website (hey its free). She said no problem. So I am in business...but

I was thinking today, in your experience with a schools website, do you have to do all of your maintence at school? I would like to do the page over the summer and have it up by back to school night. This is almost impossible if I have to do it all from home (I live 40 minutes away from work). DOes it vary from school to school? It is a typical school site.

Thank you so much! Melissa
  • Jean Bullock /blockquote> Jesse makes a good point. I wouldn't give out the ftp address to the teachers. There is a software program called Contribute that allows individuals to update their pages without disrupting the whole site. However the teach...See More
    Jun 7, 2006 report post
  • Jesse /blockquote> You'll need to be on your tech person's good side in a BIG way,as she will need to give you FTP access to the school's webserver. Most IT people don't give that access out too freely.However, if she gives you ac...See More
    May 1, 2006 report post
  • Jean Bullock /blockquote> I don't do any of the maintenance at school. I do the whole school's website and upload it from my home computer to the website. If you are doing just a website for your classroom, it shouldn't take that much time. ...See More
    Apr 24, 2006 report post

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