Re: Banners & Ad Blocker - Link

    On 4/30/06, Max wrote:
    > Karen,
    > First of all, give us a link so we can see it.
    > That will allow us to help you the most.
    > Secondly, your problem may be the names of our banners...
    > don't call them "banner1.gif", or "banner.jpg" ... don't
    > use the words "banner, ad, ads, pay, popup, etc."
    > in the filenames.
    > --max--

    Okay, here's a link to the page that has the most banners. The
    one at the top is the only one on all of the pages, and I did
    name it banner4.gif. The other banners on that page are named
    with the letters "sgn", my abbreviation for sign.
    Thanks for your help.

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