Re: Educational blogs

    Our school is actually converting our entire website into a
    blog next year. We are basing it on a neighboring school whose
    link I have provided. Here is a link to one of the teachers at
    my school who has been using the blog for her website this

    5/15/06, Raven wrote:
    > On 5/14/06, jezzy wrote:
    >> Do any of you include blogs on your school websites?
    >> If so, would you be willing to share your site so that I
    >> could take a look to check it out.
    >> Thanks!
    >> jezzy
    > I currently don't use a blog but a discussion board. I will be
    > adding a blog to the site this summer though. The discussion
    > board actually is working quite well but you won't be able to
    > see much because of COPPA and student privacy stuff.

    Mt. Bethel Blog/Website