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I have a class website on myschoolonline. It's about 5
years worth of work and now all has to be moved since
myschoolonline is closing. My school now has a website
and I need to move everything over there. Any quick, easy
and painless suggestions? I have many graphics and
scanned pictures on my site that I would like to use on my
new site.

Thanks in advance!

Max /blockquote>

With myschoolonline, are you able to use an FTP program?

An FTP (file transfer protocol) program allows you to enter
the webspace and view all files, copy them to your PC, then
copy them back to your new webspace later on.

1) Find out if myschoolonline supports FTP, find out the
host name, usernam...See More
Jul 27, 2006
Shelli /blockquote>

I sent you a couple of email through your webpage.


Jul 27, 2006

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