Re: brochure

    On 8/29/06, Need advice wrote:
    > If you were asked to create a brochure what program would
    > you use and how? Any advice would be great!
    I would use the one you have most available.
    Perhaps you already have Microsoft Word?
    ... or Microsoft Publisher?

    Here's the key thing ...

    Whatever software you use to create your brochure, convert
    it to a .pdf file by using a free PDF writer like:

    Once you have a PDF file, anyone can open it ... anyone that
    has a browser. It won't matter which software you used to
    create it.

    With cutepdf, you download two files.
    1) Ghostscript driver
    2) The actual cutepdf program

    You can then upload your brochure to a website and anyone
    can download that PDF file and print it out for themselves.

    For the paper brochure that you snailmail or hand-out, print
    out the brochures from the software in which you created it.

    That's my advice.