Downloading files to Dreamweaver from my site

    Hi!I have been totally perplexed by a problem I'm having and
    think it may be Dreamweaver's fault.

    I recently lost some files on a hard drive crash that were
    important pages on my site. I want to update them so
    thought I could download them from the site for the work.

    Dreamweaver refuses to open them however, giving me several
    error messages before closing.

    Messages I get when attempting to edit my downloaded file:

    1) Corrupt JPG data: premature end of data segment; when I
    close this error I get:

    2)Invalid JPG file structure: two SOI markers; after closing
    this one I get:

    3) The instruction at "0x77f5b2ab" referenced memory at
    "0x00000028". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK
    to terminate the program.

    Front Page does open up the same files with no problem,
    however I know Dreamweaver and not FP.

    The files are .asp, by the way.

    If you have any clues, I would greatly appreciate them.



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