Re: Downloading files to Dreamweaver from my site

    Did you try opening them in FP and saving them under a
    different file name and then trying to open the newly saved
    files with DW ??? just a thought, meganOn 9/26/06, David wrote:
    > Hi!
    > I have been totally perplexed by a problem I'm having and
    > think it may be Dreamweaver's fault.
    > I recently lost some files on a hard drive crash that were
    > important pages on my site. I want to update them so
    > thought I could download them from the site for the work.
    > Dreamweaver refuses to open them however, giving me several
    > error messages before closing.
    > Messages I get when attempting to edit my downloaded file:
    > 1) Corrupt JPG data: premature end of data segment; when I
    > close this error I get:
    > 2)Invalid JPG file structure: two SOI markers; after
    > this one I get:
    > 3) The instruction at "0x77f5b2ab" referenced memory at
    > "0x00000028". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK
    > to terminate the program.
    > Front Page does open up the same files with no problem,
    > however I know Dreamweaver and not FP.
    > The files are .asp, by the way.
    > If you have any clues, I would greatly appreciate them.
    > Thanks!
    > David