Re: Websites & Teachers

    On 11/26/06, chad wrote:
    > It sounds as though many teachers are interested in
    > learning how to develope a website. I am teaching a web-
    > design course this february for community education
    > program at my local high school. I had thought about
    > putting all the material online in Moodle (same as
    > Blackboard) so the class could be taken online. Would
    > anyone be interested? I might be able to offer it free of
    > charge. If you would be interested just post yes or no in
    > this thread.Hello - I teach IT in the UK and have developed my own
    website for use with the kids.

    I have a few Captivate shows on my website on basic
    Dreamweaver. Feel free to use them if you want. There are
    also KS3 schemes of work on Media manipulation, control and
    Electronic christmas cards (Flash)