Re: PC or Mac (laptop purchase)?
Jean Bullock

    I have just spent several days cleaning off viruses and spyware from our
    secretary's PC. If you want to do a lot of editing and stuff like that, you may
    want to consider a Mac desktop rather than a notebook. Although I haven't
    heard of a lot of people losing their desktop Mac, I have heard of people
    wearing out the laptop when they do a lot of power intensive stuff. However the
    new ones may be better. Use a laptop (either PC or Mac) if you need portability.
    Get a desktop if you don't.
    On 1/10/07, Need to buy one ASAP wrote:
    > Buying a new laptop. I need it for video editting, photos,
    > Flash (creating docs), games (my husband plays some),
    > internet, and basic computing applications. The Dell I'm
    > looking at is about $2000 and the Mac I'm looking at is
    > $2500.
    > Do you think a Mac is worth the money? I'm becoming partial
    > to them, even though I'm writing this from a Dell desktop.
    > One thing that is selling me on the Mac is they do last a
    > long time, you typically don't have the rebooting problems,
    > adn there aren't the virus issues. Also, the laptop is just
    > really cool!!!