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Re: Anyone using Camtasia and a tablet, esp w/o Smartboard?

    Hi - I use a programme by Macromedia called Captivate. I
    teach IT in an English secondary school and we have found
    these shows to be a most useful teaching resource. They are
    simple and relatively easy to build.
    I have a selection of them on my site. Some American schools
    aready use this site for the school friendly games section,
    however there are a selection of captivate shows and a couple
    of complete modules of work that I have created for my own
    students. Feel free to view them/ use them as you see fit.
    Just go to

    and then click on the 'Free tutorials' link on the left hand
    side menu bar.
    Some of the cpativate shows are big - so be prepared to wait
    a little while. Also due to recent legal wranglings, IE7 does
    not open swf files in the same way that other browsers do, so
    you will see and IE7 alternative link for each one of the
    captivate shows where it is needed.

    Hope this is useful for you

    PageZ - the best games