Re: Total Novice Needs HELP!

    On 7/03/07, Jill in GA wrote:
    > So...if I use NVu or KompoZer I can just save my design, and
    > give it to my tech teacher and she will be able to publish
    > it? Again, I am a novice so please excuse my ignorance.Here's what I would do. I would make a folder called web (or whatever you like) and
    then I would put my page and any related graphics in that folder. Just remember if you
    change things or move files or add new folders inside your web folder, you may have to
    redo the html file that you made.

    Here's what I mean: if I make a folder called "greg" and inside the folder I make a file
    called index.html everything will be fine. If I refer to a graphic file in another folder of
    my hard drive it would look good. However, if I then gave the "greg" folder to the tech
    to have it uploaded, the graphic file would not show up properly...the html would be
    looking for a file that isn't there. Sooooo, make the index.html, and make sure the
    graphic is IN the folder, that way everything will get transfered properly. The html has
    to point to the right place when it looks for the graphic.

    I hope that made sense,