Re: need help with website updates

    Thanks for the advice and suggestions and for checking it out for
    me, I'll take care of the pics.
    :o) karenOn 9/13/07, Max wrote:
    > Everything looks OK on my PC (IE6.0)
    > I didn't look at it with FireFox though.
    > I see you made your site with Microsoft Front Page.
    > It also has Microsoft Office references within the HTML.
    > This might cause a problem with browsers other
    > than IE. I'll check the site again tomorrow with
    > FireFox. Maybe someone can check the site with
    > IE7.0
    > Make sure you resize photos to the size
    > you want before you upload them. I see
    > you're resizing large photos using the
    > tag. That makes downloading a page
    > slow because it still downloads the whole
    > image no matter how large it is.
    > You edit photos using a photo editor program.
    > Maybe you have one that came with your camera?
    > Later,
    > Max