Re: just created my first site; feels good to support teache
Z (even with Microsoft Expression Web or nvu?)

    Oh no!No WYSISYG editors produce validatable code? I know the code
    will not be as clean, but it's supposed to validate, at least
    according to them.

    Did the sell me a dream (smile)?

    Thanks for the heads up!

    On 10/09/07, Max wrote:
    > You'll never get a validated site with a WYSIWYG editor.
    > They add too much bad coding to a page. And Publisher
    > is the worst! Your index page alone, just the text is
    > 107KB in size. There is so much junk added from MS Publisher
    > and MS Office, it's hardly even possible to manually edit.
    > View your page on your browser and click View,Source to
    > see your HTML. It can never be altered except with the
    > original program you used to compile the site.