Re: how do I get my domain site back and working

    More info about transferring a domain to a new registrar
    (e.g., Dotster)> I failed to note that you will need an
    authorization code from the current registrar to effect a
    transfer to a new registrar. Most domain registrars, including
    Dotser, GoDaddy etc., provide (can you believe it!) actual
    telephone support. So call the number there on the link page.Steve

    PS1: This domain registration process just gets your domain
    name back under your control. You still need a hosting service
    for your site. Most registrars, like Dotster and GoDaddy also
    provide a wide range of hosting options.

    PS2: This Avid mess is one more reason to consider having your
    domain registrar be different from your hosting company!

    On 12/02/07, Steve wrote:
    > Heather:
    > Step 1: Go to the Network Solutions web site and search for
    > the owner (which shoule be you) and the ICANN registrar for
    > your lost domain, e.g., (I believe the new ICANN
    > registrar for that failed Avid outfit is now ENOM or
    > something like that.)
    > Step 2: Go to the ICANN registrar for your domain (i.e.,
    > and try to access your account. If this is
    > unsuccessful, find another ICANN registrar, a reputable,
    > high quality service like GoDaddy or Dotster, open an
    > account with them and 'pull' (reassign) your domain from the
    > old registrar to the new one.
    > Good luck in the meantime!
    > Steve
    > On 12/02/07, Heather O'Brien wrote:
    >> Help, So I was pretty much scammed out of my website. I
    >> have been with Avid hosting for over a year and now they
    >> are gone and so is my website. I am so computer
    >> illiterate . Can anyone help me out on how to get my
    >> website up and going? I already paid for my domain
    >> through them. Do I need to go and submit a new site?? I
    >> have all my business cards with my website on them and now
    >> have no website to go to. Help!!! I don't know wwhat to
    >> do.
    >> Heather

    Dotster example - more about domain transfer