Re: Any Frontpage Experts Here????

    > I'm trying to create a visitor feedback form. My hosting
    > service provider is Lunarpages, and they support Frontpage,
    > but they are VERY strict about mailform and all of that.
    > I created my form, complete with a thank you page and all.
    > But I can't get it to take. Lunarpages disabled all mailform
    > type scripts and advices using the nms version. Is that why
    > my Frontpage enabled script won't work?
    ================It looks like Lunarpages is most concerned about what you
    are naming the script that processes the form. Names such
    as formmail, email, contact, feedback, etc.

    You will be most likely using a PHP script to process the
    contact form. The name of that script should be something
    random, like "t5He.php".

    Your HTML form page will have a line like:

    Most webhosts would like you to use some sort of security
    measure that will distinguish a human from a spammer robot
    program. Using a Captcha, or even a simple question such
    as "What is 1+2+3?". The user enters 6 into the text box
    and the script checks the answer before it sends the email.

    No matter how much security, there are always companies
    (usually overseas) that hire hundreds of people to spam forms.
    Not much you can do about that.

    I usually tell people to not even use forms unless you're
    willing to accept the spamming. Use a free Yahoo email account
    and change it periodically.

    There are many PHP contact form script examples on the internet
    that will process forms. (see link below)
    PHP contact form scripts