Re: sendmail pipe failed error message -- HELP
to Max (bless you, Max!) Z

    On 1/08/08, Max wrote:
    > On 1/08/08, Z wrote:
    >> I am trying to create a form for my website.
    >> I keep getting this error message:
    >> close sendmail pipe failed
    >> Can anyone advise?
    > Who is your webhost?
    > Also, are you using a PHP script for processing form?
    > You might need to email your webhost and ask them
    > if PHP sendmail is enabled on your account.
    > Finally, give me a link to your form so I can see it.
    > Just to make sure nothing looks wrong there.
    > -max-
    I don't know anything about PHP . . . but I can submit a help
    ticket or call and ask.I am using the script from this site: http://nms-

    The url to my form is :

    I have been all over the net looking for info on how to solve
    this, and have come up empty.

    I just want my form emailed to a gmail account in HTML
    format. Can I go around sendmail, or is it a must?

    Thanks, Max!!!