Re: What progam to build a webpage

    On 4/26/08, William wrote:
    > I am building a webpage to upload it onto my school server
    > using an FTP. I'm just making it on microsoft word,
    > saving it as a webpage, and uploading it. Is there any
    > other way to do so that's easy and free (or cheap)?Yes, by using Notepad and doing it by hand.

    If you can learn some HTML and CSS, you can find a free
    CSS template (using Google) that you can download and
    then customize. It will take some HTML and CSS skills,
    but you code it using any simple text editor, like Notepad,
    and upload it using your FTP program (FileZilla?).

    The problem with MS Word, Publisher, FP, or even Dreamweaver,
    is that the website ends up filled with endless non-essential
    coding that makes it huge, hard to manage, slow to load,
    and non-compatible with some browsers.

    With so many free HTML/CSS tutorials, and totally free
    CSS templates, you can almost get a pre-made website already
    made for free ... with a little bit of tweaking, you have
    your own site.

    Ask around your area and see if anyone familiar with
    HTML and CSS can give you some hands-on tutoring ...
    sort of like a piano teacher, only for web design instead.