Re: web page development

    using Apple's web page is really not so expensive when you
    consider that one account would work for an entire school. You
    can have many different sites and passwords with one account.

    On 7/08/08, Max wrote:
    > On 7/05/08, M wrote:
    >> Hi. I have been dabbling a bit with iWeb. Wow! It is easy
    >> to use and so much that can be done to a photo page, movie
    >> page etc. Currently my school district uses Joomla. It is
    >> BORING! Everything looks the same and not very user
    >> friendly. I can do a blog, but it is definitely not what I
    >> want.With Iweb, I do NOT have a .mac account, it is too
    >> expensive. BUT...when reading, Iweb said I can publish my
    >> page to a folder, then upload that to a URL. Any ideas on
    >> how I can do that. Are there free ones I can use that are
    >> safe? Is there a way to upload it to my school site even
    >> though Joomla is used? I don't really know Joomla that
    >> well. Thank you for your help!
    > The internet (your website) is basically a bunch of files
    > stored on a computer, with directories (folders) just like you
    > have on your PC. Your school IT person could create a folder
    > for you, where you could upload your website files. Anyone
    > entering your school's domain name and forward slash / your
    > folder name, would then view your website.
    > To upload files, you can use a free FTP program called
    > FileZilla (search for it on Google). Your school IT person
    > would need to give you the FTP account information for you to
    > access the school's website.
    > This is totally separate from Joomla, and your files would be
    > stored in your own directory (folder) ... not related to any
    > Joomla stuff.