Re: Programming Question... Probably an easy Q. for you guys
    K. Fair

    Thanks! From conversations about programming (overheard) it
    seemed that it could be done. I agree with you. I have
    continued to vote. I wasn't able to post the URL, but if you
    are interested at all... you could google: "NFL Super Fans
    That's how I see it". I am trying to support a teacher....
    Kellie Nyman, who has a website that so many educators have
    benefitted by. So, thank you for now... I'm going back to vote.
    On 12/28/08, megan wrote:
    > Is it possible? yes - People can do and do do all kinds of
    > things - the real question is how is the website voting set up
    > behind the scenes - the website might set cookies or record ip
    > addresses of those voting to try and prevent such things from
    > happening or to flag admin if it looks like abuse is occurring
    > from a certain ip - While I try to be smart about protecting
    > myself from phishing etc, I also don't let some vague fear of
    > what others might do keep me from doing what I think is good
    > to do.
    > just my .02 ~megan
    > On 12/27/08, K. Fair wrote:
    >> I am voting for a friend on the site posted. (It is a site
    >> for Super Bowl tickets... with fans competing with video
    >> clips). I just want to know if someone can program their
    >> computer to keep accessing the web site and recording votes
    >> without having to manually do it. I'm not interested in
    >> knowing how it's done... just if it is possible. I'm not
    >> interested in wasting my time if someone can program a
    >> computer to register votes nonstop 24 - 7. Thanks for your
    >> expertise!