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I am working with a group of teachers who are creating their first website. Any suggestions for Free graphic, clipart and backgrounds sites? I prefer sites that are geared toward elementary teachers. Thanks for any help!
Jen Z I use 3 sites for my websites: Graphic Garden linked:)

Cute Colors [link removed]

Thistle Girl Designs [link removed]

You can view my site here. [link removed]
Feb 11, 2009
Heidi R. I primarily use clipart from 3 sources: DiscoveryEducation.com - requires a link backlink to their site: [link removed]

Public-domain-photos.com: [link removed]

Or if you want to go hog-wild, try the links listed on Wikipedia Public domain image resources: [link removed]

> I am working with a group of teachers who are ...See More
Feb 12, 2009
Melissa Microsoft Office online [link removed].

One thing that I would like to caution about someone just starting out with a website (especially for education), is to refrain from using any animation. Specifically, animated graphics and scrolling text are not ADA compliant as they cannot be 'read' by screen readers.

Good luck to all th...See More
Apr 3, 2009

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