Re: Would someone send an email to my kindergarten class...

    Dear Class,
    I hope you guys are well on your way to the 100 Emails! Good luck
    to you! I hope you are enjoying school, the best is yet to come.
    Seasons Greetings,

    On 11/21/03, niamh wrote:
    > On 1/22/02, Catherine Phillips wrote:
    >> On 1/13/02, Michele wrote:
    >>> On 12/12/01, Robin wrote:
    >>>> We are collecting 100 emails for the 100th day of school
    >>>> and we only have about 15. I need help please!!!! We are
    >>>> on day 86. Just send it to the email link above. Just
    >>>> tell my students something about your school or where you
    >>>> live. Please help!
    >>>> Thank You,
    >>>> Robin
    >> Greeeting from St. John's Newfoundland - Canada's most easterly
    >> province.
    >> We too are trying to collect 100 e-mails before our 100th day
    >> of school.
    >> Please reply to us stating where you are from so that we can
    >> add you to our map !
    >> This is something new I am trying for the 100th day of school.
    >> I hope to hear from 100 classes or schools by our 100th day of
    >> school. I am printing off all the e-mails we receive and
    >> then I am plotting all the schools on a map of the world.
    >> Today is supposed to be our 85th day of school but we have a
    >> snow day.
    >> I will be posting descriptions and pictures of the ways we
    >> celebrate the 100th day of school on our school web site. If
    >> you wish to see some of the things we did please visit our
    >> website at later in February.
    >> Here are some other things that we have done in the past in
    >> grade one for the 100th day of school. We obviously have not
    >> done all of these things in any one year. We vary the
    >> activities from year to year and we are always looking for new
    >> books and new ideas. Hope you found some of our ideas useful.
    >> 1. About two weeks before the 100th day, I pass each child
    >> a little booklet entitled 100 words I can read. This booklet
    >> has 100 empty lines in it. Each child has to write 100 words
    >> that he/she can read in the booklet. I encourage them to print
    >> things like their names, colour words . . .
    >> 2. Read The 100th Day of School -- by Angela Shelf Medearis
    >> 3. Read 100 Hungry Ants -- by Elinor J. Pinczes
    >> 4. Read the Wolf's Chicken Stew -- by Keiko Kasza
    >> 5. Read 100th Day Worries -- by Margery Cuyler
    >> 6. Read 100 Days of School -- by Trudy Harris
    >> 7. I have ordered another 100th Day of School book from
    >> Scholastic -- it hasn't yet arrived. It is called The 100th
    >> Day. It is another Hello Reader. I couldn't see the author
    >> name in the Scholastic Flyer.
    >> 8. We skip count to 100 by 2's, 5's and 10's.
    >> 9. The children make a picture, model, ornament . . . out of
    >> 100 of the same item. Last year some children made little
    >> boxes out of Popsicle sticks, necklaces out of 100 Cheerios,
    >> Froot Loops. . . One child made a snowman by gluing 100 mini
    >> marshmallows on a piece of blue construction paper.
    >> 10. We make a treat to share. Everyone has to bring in 100
    >> pretzels, mini marshmallows, Cheerios, corn chips, chocolate
    >> chips. We mix it all together in a huge bowl -- count all the
    >> hundreds and then share it out. We have to avoid M & M's and
    >> peanuts due to severe peanut allergies in our school.
    >> 11. We make paper hats out of newsprint. Each child has to
    >> make 10 sets of ten on their hat. To do this we use the
    >> Crayola mini stampers.
    >> 12. I ordered lovely 100th day of school stickers from a
    >> company in British Columbia called Smilemakers. The stickers
    >> are quite large and the company delivers promptly. That aren't
    >> very expensive either !
    >> 13. The children write a few sentences about what they
    >> would do if they had 100 dollars. The sheet the children would
    >> do this work on would have a 100 dollar bill photocopied at the
    >> top of the page. The picture would be cut out of it and a
    >> picture of the child inserted.
    >> 14. Working in groups the children have to put together
    >> puzzles with 100 pieces.
    >> 15. Pass out 100th day of school certificates
    >> 16. Blow up 100 balloons and decorate the entrance to the
    >> school with the 100 balloons and a banner announcing the 100th
    >> day of school.
    >> 17. Children bring in collections of 100 things -- 100
    >> pennies, 100 stamps, 100 stickers. . .