Re: 100 days Bulletin board ideas
Sonia B

    On 2/08/06, the anwser is up your butt and around the corner ???????????
    > the anwser is up your butt and around the corner ??????????????????
    > On 1/13/03, Jessica Druell wrote:
    >> On 2/23/02, Adrienne wrote:
    >>> My kids were given the oppertunity to bring in 100 small
    >>> things from home that fit into one catagory. I had one little
    >>> girl tape 100 barbie shoes to a poster board and everyone
    >>> loved it. Very origonal thinking!
    >>> On 2/11/02, Bridget DeLeshe wrote:
    >>>> On 1/26/02, Traci wrote:
    >>>>> I'm currently student teaching and trying to come up
    >>>> with
    >>>>> some ideas for a great 100 day bulletin board slogans,
    >>>> Can
    >>>>> anyone recommend one for me? Thanks Traci
    >>>> I have the children bring in 100 small items from home
    >>>> such as cereal or beans. They practice counting at
    >>>> home, putting them into groups of 5's, 10,s 20's,
    >>>> whatever. When they bring them into school, I have them
    >>>> make a picture with their 100 things by gluing them onto
    >>>> a piece of paper. I also provide the children with other
    >>>> things to make things with such as dot stickers, confetti,
    >>>> dot stampers, etc.
    >> the anwser is up your butt and around the cornerI don't have a slogan, but a good idea for student teachers. When you have
    your own class, teach one word per day (write it on a Daily Word Chart) and
    for the 100th day celebration make a 100 word quilt. "Class_____ can read
    100 words"...It's great for Kindergarten students. Children write words(# of
    words each depending on class size) on an index card color/design it and
    then when done the cards are connected to look like a quilt....Read The Quilt
    to them...some kids don't know what a quilt is.