Asking for 100 e-mails for my class
Georgeann O'Connell

    i Everyone:
    I just read the 100th Day information and I am very
    glad that I did. I ususally am trying to do something at
    the very last moment. Our 100th day usually falls in
    February which is such a busy month. We have President's
    Day, Valentine's Day, winter break and, I usually have
    testing for my IEP meetings in March. So, what a great
    idea to start the very first day of school. Where has my
    brain been!
    I would like to ask everyone who reads this email if
    you could send me an e-mail telling my class about your
    school or where you live. I would like to receive 100 of
    them by Day 100. I will post them in my room for the
    children to read and reread.
    Please don't hesitate, you can start now. If you
    would like an e-mail from us, we will send one to you, even
    if it isn't for Day 100. I think it would be fun just for
    the children to receive their own class mail.
    Mrs. Georgeann O'Connell
    Please send e-mails to my other address:

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