Re: What's the point? When & where did this idea originate?

    > I am not sure, but i think the idea originated from the
    > importance that is placed on children being able to count to
    > 100. Some teachers got frustated and began exchaning
    > successful ideas on how to teach kids to count to 100.
    > Emphasis is always placed on concentrating more time to
    > concepts and the whole thing snowballed into a day and then
    > into a celebration. If this is not true it sure comes
    > as credible.
    > I had never heard of the 100th day of school celebration
    > until last year and began to do some research on it and
    > finaly asked my principal if i could design a day for this
    > celebration (i was an assistant principal. My area of
    > expertise is curriculum planning and i believe in schoolwide
    > interdisciplinary day or week long activities. One thing i
    > wanted to do was to include the community. I did the
    > research and grunt work for the teachers. At the first
    > faculty meeting in January each teacher received a packet
    > a description of what we would do on Feb. 2, 100th day of
    > school celebration. I had so much fun planning it and
    > getting it organized. The entire day was filled with
    > and activities that dealt with 100.
    > The 3 major activities were under the category
    of "schoolwide-
    > everyone," classroom (individual grades), individual
    > (student) and family. I invited each class to donate 100
    > cans of food that was given to the Salvation Army food bank
    > and to a center for abused women; classes were also asked to
    > bring in 100 cans of dog or cat food that was given to the
    > local Humane Society; and families were asked to donate a
    > or relatively new book to (English/Spanish) the newly opened
    > Ronald McDonald House. Representatives were asked to come
    > school at 1:00 p.m. to pick up the "goods" that were
    > attractively arranged on the floor in the cafeteria. The
    > Humane Society brought a dog who does school programs and
    > visited classrooms, McDonalds sent Ronald McDonald who
    > entertained the kids and the Salvattion Army sent a public
    > relations person who took pictures of the principal in front
    > of our display and wrote and published an article about us
    > their monthly newsletter. I also invited local tv and
    > newspapers to come at 1:00 p.m. and we got all kind sof
    > publicity for the school.
    > We decorated the hall bulletin board with 100 thankful
    > and each one had what the student was thankful for; we had
    > ice cream social with cake and ice cream with 100 different
    > toppings ( not really, but it looked like a hundred); each
    > student brought in 100 items of something and they were
    > displayed in the cafeteria; students and teachers were
    > allowed to "dress up" to look like they would if they were
    > 100 years old (2 Jr. K students had their picture taken for
    > the Miami Herald; each grade put together a bound humorous
    > book (the computer teacher volunteered to do this)by having
    > each student finish the statement, "If I've told you once,
    > I've told you a 100 times___________________________."
    > were really good. At 2:00 pm a 100 people went outside and
    > did the Hokey Pokey. This 100 day celebration has become a
    > big business for companies. Scholastic Professional Books
    > puts out a kit called "The 100th Day of School Celebration
    > Kit." It has stickers for the entire school, a cassette, 2
    > books that have 100 themes to be read to younger students
    > a book that has Fun & Games, Reading & Writing, Party
    > Planner: Super Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School,
    > the tape recording has : Henry Hooper and the 100 Hiccups;
    > How Many Hundreds? (a listening games); Incredible Cures for
    > 100 hiccups; Henry Hooper: the Sequel.
    > I went to a party store and bought 100 neglaces of Mardi
    > beads (3 cents each) and passed them out to students. If
    > want a copy of my reading list and the recommended
    > for: Jr. K, K, grades 1 & 2; grades 3, 4 & 5; grades 6, 7
    > & 8; suggested activities for P.E.; suggested activities for
    > music; e-mail me at and I will fax it
    > you or your school. It is 7 pages long and it is not on my
    > computer.