Re: 100 emails for the 100 day of school

    Hi 1st Graders,I am a student teacher and a co-teacher for 26 kinder kids in
    Corpus Christi, Texas. Corpus Christi is a great place to
    be. I am currently attending the University of Texas A&M-
    Corpus Christi. What makes this school special is that the
    the university is located on a island (we have bridge) to get
    us here and back home.

    The weather here is pretty good compare to what other cities
    have. The summers can get up to the high 90's with the heat
    index of over 100 degrees. The winter months are a bit more
    cooler high 60's. This past Christmas Eve we had our first
    snow in over 100 years. Yes, can you believe that in over 100
    years. We had 7 inches of snow.

    Our favorite things to do here in Corpus Christi, Texas are
    surfing, sailing, swimming and fishing.

    Well, boys and girls have a GREAT time celebrating your 100
    day of school.

    Mari Soliz

    On 2/14/05, Maria wrote:
    > On 1/04/03, Terina Legge wrote:
    >> Hello Everyone,
    >> I am a grade one teacher in Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada
    >> and we are trying to collect 100 emails. Please email us
    >> and tell us what it is like where you live. We will email
    >> you back if you want or we can send a postcard from where
    >> we live. WE look forward to hearing from you.
    >> THank you,
    >> Ms. Legge's Grade One Class.
    > Hello Grade Ones,
    > We are a grade two class located near Ottawa. Today the
    > buses were cancelled because of the ice rain that is on its
    > way from Southern Ontario.
    > We live in a farming community so most of the land around is
    > flat with a nice mix of forests here and there. We have a
    > little less than 200 students in our school and many of our
    > students' parents came to this school.
    > Our 100th day is on Wednesday. We hope that this email
    > arrives in time for your 100th day!
    > Good luck!