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Here are some fun activites that my first graders have enjoyed over the last few years. 100th Day Snack - divide the class into 5 groups. Have each group count out 100 of the following items: Chocolate chips, raisins, peanuts, M&M's. Mix together and serve.

101st School Day- On the school day following your 100th day celebration, have students write about their favorite 100th day in their jounals. Watch 101 Dalmations.

Song: 100 days of school this year, 100 days of school, Take 1 away Work and play 99 days of school this year.

To the tune of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"
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  • Mrs.Fleck /blockquote> I do 100th day centers. I break my class up into groups, they each get an opportunity to visit each center.1. put together 100 piece puzzle2. write 100 words they know3. read 100 words4. 100 excersises.5. make 100th day snackI also...See More
    Jan 28, 2003 report post

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