Re: OOpps!! Forgot the email address!!!

    On 2/09/04, Jan and Brennan wrote:
    > The email address is
    > THANK YOU!!
    > On 2/09/04, Jan and Brennan wrote:
    >> Hello!
    >> My son, Brennan, has a homework assignment for celebrating
    >> his 100 days of Kindergarten. He has chosen to receive 100
    >> emails and then put them on a map. Would you please be
    >> kind and take a few minutes and send him an email???
    >> The infor he needs is:
    >> 1) Your name and/or grade taught
    >> 2) Where you are located
    >> 3) A short message to Brennan (he is responsible for
    >> reading these)
    >> Thank you so much for helping out with this fun project!!!
    >> Jan and Brennan