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I am looking for an activity that my Kindergarten students
can do independently for the first 20 minutes of class
each day. I like the idea of a DO NOW, but I'm not sure
what to give them at this young age. Handwriting pages,
color pages, etc???
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Beverly /blockquote>

Here is my difficult situation this year: I have centers set
up also. I work at one table with math. An aide works at
another table with letters/sounds. I have two tables set up
with fine motor activities...puzzles, pictures to color, etc.
I have the children find a table when they come in, and then we
r...See More
Aug 27, 2006
Lynn /blockquote>

I don't do this first thing in the morning, but I do it some
time during the day. Self Selected reading is a good
activity. I have 4 book baskets that I place on each corner of
the carpet and the children LOVE reading the books from the
baskets. My assistant and I take time to talk with students
about th...See More
Sep 1, 2006
Amy /blockquote>

I rotate 5 tubs throughout the 5 groups and days of the
week. Each has a simple, get started kind of task. Later in
the school year, I add materials that should be handed in.
This really works. I keep a system of 5 shapes so I know
what tub goes to what table on what day. Now, if I could
only get my cent...See More
Sep 25, 2006
H /blockquote>

5 year olds are so energetic in the i decided
to put any paper and pencil/crayon-coloring activites at a
different time in the day. I had 4 groups(desks were set up
in 5-6 students at a group.....i did a rotation system of 5
high interest activities and had them work on them for 20
minutes...See More
Feb 10, 2008
Anne /blockquote>

When my students come itn, they have a routine that ends with them
sitting down after all their jobs are done and journal for up to
30 minutes (it depends on them they get to school, some come early
some arrive late) everyone get at least 15 minutes of journaling.
This works as a great transition, I have classi...See More
Feb 21, 2008

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