Re: Kindergarten Morning Routine

    When my students come itn, they have a routine that ends with them
    sitting down after all their jobs are done and journal for up to
    30 minutes (it depends on them they get to school, some come early
    some arrive late) everyone get at least 15 minutes of journaling.
    This works as a great transition, I have classical music playing
    and they really know that school has started.Good Luck,


    On 2/10/08, H wrote:
    > 5 year olds are so energetic in the i decided
    > to put any paper and pencil/crayon-coloring activites at a
    > different time in the day. I had 4 groups(desks were set up
    > in 5-6 students at a group.....i did a rotation system of 5
    > high interest activities and had them work on them for 20
    > minutes.....
    > *building blocks/legos to add a level of difficulty i showed
    > students how to build a tower under their desk and then try to
    > explain how to build one that looked like theirs to a
    > they tried to build it (could not see the built
    > one until both had built it and then could see if they looked
    > a like)
    > *tangrams with picture cards and choice to trace picture if
    > wanted
    > *playdoh- making letters (previously learned),using cookie
    > cutters, letter stampers, building words on top of word cards,
    > etc.
    > *puzzles, find and seek pages (could choose to do these since
    > they required a pencil, rush hour puzzle (higher level
    > thinking) 3-d puzzles
    > *Fine motor pencils- tweezers, grippers,
    > moving beans/popcorn kernels to small containers, sliding
    > money off table into small containers,buttoning shirts, tying
    > shoes,etc
    > *math....all kinds of counters and cards with numbers to make
    > groupings, patterns, etc.
    > The key is to make each group have plenty of activities and
    > manipulatives to keep children engaged. They only do one
    > activity a only needed 5 for entire week. Only
    > added new items when new learning developed or when students
    > had experimented with tubs for some time.
    > This seemed to motivate most kids and kept them on task. I
    > would have any student that was misbehaving sit by me while I
    > conducted morning busy work....looking at folders, notes,
    > dealing with tardies, etc. in the morning. I made sure they
    > knew why they were with me and they just sat and watched the
    > others engaged with the tubs and it usually only took once to
    > sit there for 15-20 minutes for them to realize they would
    > rather play!
    > On 9/25/06, Amy wrote:
    >> I rotate 5 tubs throughout the 5 groups and days of the
    >> week. Each has a simple, get started kind of task. Later in
    >> the school year, I add materials that should be handed in.
    >> This really works. I keep a system of 5 shapes so I know
    >> what tub goes to what table on what day. Now, if I could
    >> only get my centers to go as smoothly..
    >> On 8/23/06, Denise wrote:
    >>> I am looking for an activity that my Kindergarten students
    >>> can do independently for the first 20 minutes of class
    >>> each day. I like the idea of a DO NOW, but I'm not sure
    >>> what to give them at this young age. Handwriting pages,
    >>> color pages, etc???