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1. Learn something new

Memory is like the ability to drive a car: if you don't use it, you risk losing it. To improve memory and constantly keep your brain in good shape, learn something new as often as possible. This is not a recipe for longevity. But everyone who has lived a long life has been using their brains all the time. Learn a new dance, a new language, a new game, whatever. Learn something new that you like. I need to learn something new every day because I am a writer working on the site , and every day I hear - write my essay for me. It will help improve your memory, acquire new skills and friends. It is also very important to be socially active.

2. Get enough sleep!

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have studied the process of memory loss in the elderly. Memory impairment has been found to be associated with poor sleep. At the same time, another study found that naps help children maintain the stren...See More

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